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chefsterchefster Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
Is there anything that can be done about certain people continuously challenging you on the same duel because they know they can win? I am losing at least 50 points per week because of this and am ready to delete the app as it’s frustrating. 
There is 1 particular person that challenges me to the exact same duel every 24 hrs. I let it expire and they challenge again, it expires and they challenge again. 3 points every day for 7 days and I can’t beat them. It’s been at least 3 months like this. 
we should have the option of being able to block Up to 3 people from challenging us to avoid this. We can add or delete those 3 at will


  • KaboodleKaboodle Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    Usually if you forfeit (ie. let the challenge expire) then eventually they disappear from the Defeat list and they can’t keep challenging you. Unless you added them as a friend? If so, unfriend them!
  • chefsterchefster Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    That’s what I thought but it’s not disappearing. They keep challenging every day for months now, same board. They were once a friend but I unfriended them long ago. Anyways, I deleted the app. What’s the point. I’ve played all the restaurants and all I had was the duels and I can’t reach 1600 because I lose over 50 points for nothing every week 
  • LizzypantsLizzypants Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I’ve had this same issue with two different people, and neither has ever been a friend - they request 2 duels at a time, too.

    If you let the challenge sit for 24+ hours, it becomes a forfeit, and you lose 3 points. 

    I’d love the option to block too, but at least losing 3 pts isn’t as bad as losing 9+. One has stopped sending me requests... hoping the other does, too! Let the clock run out and eat the 3 points - best available option
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