Good morning, Afternoon And good evening friends and Glu

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Good morning, Afternoon and evening everybody.....;)
How are we.
Watched a great movie last night seeking justice With Nicolas Cage. A must see action movie. Tonight's movie is Breaking Dawn Part 2. My wife loves them so I am watching happy wife happy life.

I will keep this topic in the same thread, Christian is starting to walk all by his self. The doctor said that they do not know if Christian will walk and it was up to him if he was going to. Well he's doing it again accomplishing something the doctor said that he may not do. Its very scary but I love it that he is walking and becoming independent.
Wanted to share that with my friends.........
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  • Rocky TopRocky Top Registered Users 127 Posts
    Hey dude. Glad to hear it. Congrats.....Tell him to. Don't forget.
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  • grelegrele Registered Users 73 Posts
    Congratulation to Christian! Turp stay cool and enjoy movie evening with your wife!
  • AY420AY420 Registered Users 76 Posts
    Hey Turpin,
    Nice to hear some good news! Congratulations.
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    That's fantastic!!! Christian will do whatever sets his mind to. He doesn't need any doctors saying that he can or can't do something. Way to go Christian!! Keep in touch more Turp.;)
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  • Darthplague99Darthplague99 Registered Users 81 Posts
    Hello friends turpin that is awesome ur son is strong willed i wonder where he gets that from...
    Sorry I have not been around much the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few and like turpin said happy wife happy life. Keep up the good work friends i am proud of all of U. I must return to my dark quest, may the force be with u
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  • TranZzzTranZzz Registered Users 61 Posts
    I just can say thats good to hear about Christian, Turp..
    But dont let your wife watch the MMA.. lol...
    If you do something wrong.. watchout for her armbar technique.. lol.. kidding Turp..
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  • DdannenDdannen Registered Users 875 Posts
    So glad to see progress. He will succeed where ever there are naysayers.
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  • konlomi35konlomi35 Registered Users 4 Posts
    hello guys sorry to post here I cant find the right thread.. Just want to ask a question.. If I have a level 10 farmer on svz2 then I buy a golden farmer for 100gem, do I get life and power of a level 11 golden champion farmer?? or its still just a level 10 golden farmer?? I ask this because the usage of gem is very important...
  • ZorenZoren Registered Users 84 Posts
    aah! just the people m looking for..... how are you old GGN friends! friends are always friends right?!. so hi and hello to all of you old GGN friends except for the last thread lost in the correct game forum...

    so its been what 14-15 months since... the forum is kinda same as usual but there are more new games than before thats something...

    m wandering if glu-lian is still around cuz i read her stuff somewhere and quite frankly she's smart
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