Thanks GLU

DdannenDdannen Senior Member875 PostsRegistered Users
Just wanted to say thanks for the update to indestructible. This now allows people that are new to the game to get some real time playing in before facing down players that might cause frustration.

As a regular indestructible player I now have hope that this will be only the first of several updates and I know this will only help to solidify GLUs position in the mobile gaming genre.

Again, thanks GLU!:cool:
Dapper [S&A Co.™]

Yeah that's my GC name!


  • happy8118happy8118 New Member 13 PostsRegistered Users
    Hello like good nice yes
  • DdannenDdannen Senior Member 875 PostsRegistered Users
    Welcome happy will look for you in the game, happy hunting!
    Dapper [S&A Co.™]

    Yeah that's my GC name!
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