Bundles for CKZ 2: Origins

EijasEijas New MemberRegistered Users 16 Posts
Does anyone know what bundle comes after the seventy-seven gold bundle that includes the Ancient Katana, ZRU-12 advanced, and the Mp-643? I'am curious as to whether or not there is a bundle later on that includes the Widowmaker or some other exotic weapon for a decent price.


  • DdannenDdannen Senior Member Registered Users 875 Posts
    Is there really anything that is a decent price lol. How far have you gotten? I have played for just a little while and am stuck unless I pony up :-(
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  • EijasEijas New Member Registered Users 16 Posts
    I just finished the game about four weeks ago. It is one of my favorite games, although the app is disgusting looking lol. There are no more bundles after the one with the Ancient Katana sword. To show you how much I like the game I was able to buy the Ancient Katana bundle and save up for the Widowmaker, I had to keep playing for a few days after I completed the story to be able to purchase the Widowmaker but it was worth it.
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