Contract Killer 2 not getting installed on Samsung Galaxy Note 800

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After updating the Contract killer in the month of July, I am not able to run the application. After updating the existing installation, when the game is opened, it says optimizing performance, and the red line goes near to completion and it stops. I left my tablets for hours, but no progress. I tried uninstalling and installing again, same problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Let me offer some suggestions. Question - is your device using ICS or Jellybean? Does it have the latest firmware for your device and is your google play store the most updated one? is your adobe flash player updated as well (applicable only for ICS)?

    Try these steps and confirm if you are willing to start from scratch just to make the game work.

    If you want to try to salvage your game data:
    - delete the cache of the game
    - delete the cache of your google play store
    - sign out of the google play store and sign in with the same account you used to download the game
    - check if you have good wifi connection and ensure that when you try this the wifi doesnt not fluctuate
    - open the game from the shortcut
    - if this does not work open the game from the google play store

    If you are willing to start from scratch
    - delete the saved data
    - if there are multiple google accounts in your tablet remove then and ensure that you only have the google account that you have used to download the game before
    - install the game from google play store (ensure you have good wifi connection and that you will not be disconnected when you install the game.

    Hope this helps. Message me if still having issues. I used to have multiple glu games in my samsung galaxy tab and I was able to fix it.
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