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I play e warrior2 I upgraded my weapon and armer and it seems to get weaker, no matter what I do I can't seem to win in the tournament , a few times i did win it went to the other guy, i told Costumer care and they don't give a sh1#, I lost my Glu credit, one time I upgraded my weapon with gul credit and it did not upgrade took my Glu credit and my 20 Lev 5 gems,I don't know what to do any one out their who can give me tips on what weapon and armer I should use, what weapons and armer is the best, that I don't have to use Glu credit on. I did that box thing that cost $80 Glu credits and all 3 times I got Lev 1 gems what a rip off!!!!! Any only please help me, costumer care is a east of time, they don't hep you, the only time they get back to you if it's something that don't cost them anything.
I WANT MY 355 GLU CREDIT AND MY 20 LEV 5 GEMS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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