General Discussion, please read!

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This is a general discussion forum ie how's your day going, did you see the latest movie, what do you think about that car, it's raining here what's it like where you are could be just some of the topics in a general discussion.

If you are having problems with games, not sure how to play, want friends please post in the forum for the game you play. People that also play that game can respond to your questions and help you. When you post in general discussion it's possible your posts will go unanswered.

If you are encountering problems with games, lost money, not loading, crashing please post your questions in the Customer Care forum, this is where those questions will be answered. Consider putting in a trouble ticket to GLU, this link will show you how.

Hope this helps everyone navigate a little easier.
Dapper [S&A Co.™]

Yeah that's my GC name!


  • DdannenDdannen Senior Member Registered Users 875 Posts
    Need to have new users of the forum read this post.
    Dapper [S&A Co.™]

    Yeah that's my GC name!
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