How to win level 50 big boss ?

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Need advise on lvl 50 big boss that can eat all my allies... I lost many time on this lvl.


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    What game are you playing, is there a folder for this game that you can post your question?

    Your question is vague and may get overlooked, hope this helps.
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    lvl50 boss--

    1. Enter with 2 exalt bars and a full xp bar.
    2. dps boss as much as u can b4 it drains ur hp (it does that every 60 seconds). keep ur hp low (around 200kish), so it won't get too much hp back.
    3. After it drains u, silence/stun/freeze it to prevent further dmg.
    4. xp boss first and lvl exalt, xp it again. dps it as much as u can.
    5. Repeat steps 3-4 one more time, done!

    lvl40 boss--

    1. Enter with 1 or 2 exalt bars and a full xp bar.
    2. dps boss and avoid flames on the ground.
    3. when it summons slaves, xp them asap and avoid the bombs.
    4. repeat steps 2-3.
    5. Boss should have less than 1/3 hp by now, if it rages use ur vit pet to recover ur hp, or lvl ur exalt.
    6. Repeat step 2, and u'll get ur reward.
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