new to games and need help with glu coins

billtrbilltr New MemberRegistered Users 2 Posts
I am playing deer hunter 2014 and purchased 100 coins. I used 85 to purchase a gun. Coins dropped to 15. Next thing I know I have 100+, then 200+, and so on till I hit around 900. Next day it drops to 9 and now it's back up to almost 700. Anyone know what's going on? If I use them am I going to be charged for the additional ones I used?
Thank you.


  • joneswilsonjoneswilson New Member Registered Users 12 Posts
    Did you contact support team? there might be some glitch
  • billtrbilltr New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    No I have not. I wasn't sure if it's a problem or something related to the way coins are distributed. I haven't played a computer game since Atari came out with Space Invaders. I will contact them. Thank you.
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