Co op or raids/dungeons please

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Dear Glu:

We desperately need some co op avenues in this game. When I played World of Warcraft my favorite thing to do, was to quest and do dungeons/raids with groups of friends. Please start branching out in this direction: I think most can agree, you only receive so much bonding experience with tournments and farming. Thank you for your consideration.

PS we still need an AP column for guild management


  • howdydodathowdydodat Banned Banned Users 43 Posts
    Great idea. Maybe expand dungeons a little bigger with better and harder mobs for Co op specific play. Also, I think endless Co op 4 player would be an awesome feature that your players would enjoy. I know you guys work hard and make decent games but it does seem that the direction you're going is aimed at new players. You should aim your updates towards more veteran players who have supported your game since the beginning, not aim towards a crowd that will feed you more money because they don't understand how your games work. Thanks for looking and please implement some of these suggestions into the next update. Cat is right we need an ap indicator so we can see who is contributing in arena points.
  • BellaAnnBellaAnn Junior Member Registered Users 64 Posts
    And how much longer before new festival bosses? I am just so tired of Ivar and the ice map is not my favorite... Kind of getting bored and almost left the game completely for AVABEL. I really would like to fall back in love with EW3 before I find an alternative option.
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