Switching from Game Center to Facebook

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So on Kim Kardashiam, I was always logged in through GC, but at the same time is also said I was logged in to Facebook. The weird thing was I could only see GC friends. Now I've delete the game from my GC and I am solely logged into Facebook, but it still is only showing my GC friends. I want to see my Facebook friends, and I don't care if my Game Center doesn't show friends or not.


  • KuroKuro Community Moderator Moderators 178 Posts
    There is a known issue with connecting to Facebook friends.

    Firstly, make sure they are also playing on iOS devices. It doesn't matter if they are Facebook or not, if they are not iOS like you, you will not see them.

    Try to log out of Game Center and refresh the app as well. The game probably also needs time to reconnect.
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