krew icon and boxes button missing

bubafanybubafany Registered Users 9 Posts
Hello! Yesterday i was banned from my krew and my chat button and my gift button is now missing. I talked to my lider, she tried to send me another invite and i couldn't accept it. I think you guys banned me and i want to know why. I already lost three games because of you guys, i'm starting a new one and with less than a week you guys do this. I DO NOT accept losing another game. I spent money in this game so i demand that you repare this. This is very disrespectful. You guys are punishing people for nothing. I NEVER used hack and if you check my id you guys will see it, so i won't accept this justification.

Yes, my game is updated to the last version

Here as some printscreens that prove what happened to me



  • bubafanybubafany Registered Users 9 Posts
    No one is going to help me?
  • hwimbush13hwimbush13 Registered Users 2 Posts
    bubafany wrote: »
    No one is going to help me?

    They won't help you. I'm in the same boat and I have been emailing them constantly. They told me I've been cheating during the game and I logged on to multiple devices. I only have one device to long into the game. They basically ban you for no reason
  • bubafanybubafany Registered Users 9 Posts
    this is so unfair
    we spend our money in this game and that's the way we are treated for. lesson learned
  • candiraynecandirayne Registered Users 8 Posts
    same problem here been almost a week saying they flagged my account not sure what for i dont use cheats or hacks and now they supposedly unflagged it but the buttons arent there STILL what happened was they BROKE my game so i can play still but its no fun without having everything that SHOULD be there...SHAME ON YOU GLU!!!
  • Brittx3Brittx3 Registered Users 5 Posts
    Yup! Same thing happened to me last night and no one will email me back. I never did anything wrong and spent a lot of money on this game. They better fix this issue
  • Melissa TorresMelissa Torres Registered Users 1 Posts
    Omg this also happened to me!!! I have also spent money on this game and this is my second time playing this game after I lost everything the first time!!!
  • [RR] Sage[RR] Sage Administrator, Moderators 1,127 Posts
    If you submit a ticket our Customer Care team will look into it and assist as best we can.
  • Audrilopez40108Audrilopez40108 Registered Users 2 Posts
    I've submitted a ticket and I also saw that if we private messaged kalinda with our ids that she'd help us but I don't know how to private message her that info, so my question is why is this happening to so many people!? Is it bc I have the Kim kardashian game as well!? Please give more info this is really frustrating. Thank you.
  • GeorgeShicyGeorgeShicy Registered Users 3 Posts
    Say, what is the method to remove the Dice Macro Button? Im using BG as a VT and dont need it. Mark
  • Lisban1209Lisban1209 Registered Users 2 Posts
    same exact thing happened to me!! I havent cheated at all in this game and i cant even contact support cause the game app closes everytime i press help! This is so annoying!!
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