KKH - Not needing to purchase stars all the time

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I enjoy the game but one suggestion I would like to share, I got the house in Bel Air, and now the Ski Resort which is great an all but it seems that to complete these to be viable I have to spend huge amounts on stars to make it worth while.

Now I don't mind buying stars to get the things that I really want but when it comes down to having to buy them to be able to finish parts of the game that really sucks. I have not bought the gym, salon, or other things because once you buy stars to purchase them then you have to buy more stars to furnish them to make two stars back in the end once a week or so.

I will have an empty house in Bel air and I won't be able to do much with the ski resort cause I can not fathom paying out over $100 usd which is more in CND just to enjoy that aspect of the game. I know that the developers need some of the money to keep the game running but somehow it just doesn't seem fun anymore with all the stars that I will have to purchase to play.

I wish there was a way to earn the stars, oh yeah TRIALPAY that never seems to work and according to their non support team if a link doesn't work then it has expired, so I guess in this last year all the links have expired as I have not been able to complete an offer at all as none work.

Maybe more ability to earns stars would be great.


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