My account is flagged even tho I didn't cheat...

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Hi, I was informed from GLU Customer Care on the game Tap Sports Baseball 2017 that my account was flagged and as a result of this "cheating or exploit" I am not able to participate in my clubs activities or use their boosts. I have been playing honestly for a while and I have never cheated, nor have I used one of these so called "Loaders" even tho I have had the opportunity, I chose not to. Yet, somehow my account was hacked (I believe) and I am now flagged. I never asked anyone to load me, nor did I ever cheat. I have actually spent a LOT of money on this game to get it to where I want it to be! Paying GLU directly. This flagging and suspension is unfair, and I would like my team back to its normal self. This is unfair.

I have tried to send follow up responses on the APP on my phone but I am not getting any response.

Someone please help me! My user name in the game is 'GENERALDIE'



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    I do see you have a ticket in and it was responded to. You have even replied to that reply. I am sure they will get back to you in that ticket as soon as they have an opportunity.
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