Juan (Customer Care) is the worst

I was not received no achievements for leveling players, so I submitted a ticket. I did not receive the resolution. Then I purchased Bellinger but did not receive him, so I added this to he existing open ticket. It still went without response for several days. Then Juan gave me the wrong Bellinger (max 287 not 340 which I purchased). Now it has been another period without response.


    And after the update the Season Mode playoffs have a glitch. I’d you lose the first game of a three game series, you lose the whole series. But I’m afraid to submit the ticket with Juan because he doesn’t seem to respond or fix the problem correctly 
  • JakeFromStFarmJakeFromStFarm 41 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I suggest you clise that ticket out and start another one. With any luck you’ll draw a different rep. If you keep that ticket open u are guaranteed to get the same guy who is apparently no help to you
  • tiara515tiara515 6 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    It's just they are all bad. I got one take told me if I spend more I might the thing I didn't get I did that still noting .Its crazy. And they say you have to wait like no we should have to do that.
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