need to fix bugs

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I've noticed on the forums that several people are getting pretty upset with this game. Be it the cost of gold, the awful chances of pulling a player from a box, game freezing and crashing, videos,  offer wall, etc.
I've encountered somethese issues. Videos freeze and the app has to be closed. Not receiving gold from offer wall. 1 player out of 40 boxes.
Today it's the videos. 8 times I've gotten stuck on a "loading video" on round 5-9. The only thing that can be done is to force stop the app. That means the round starts over.
And it has only done it on round 5-9. 8 times!
It's almost as if GLU has intentionally made it so the round cannot be completed.
Getting pretty fed up with this game myself.


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    That is certainly not the case. And though we do see the same complaints you do we also know that out of the tens of thousands of players only a small percentage see the issue.  We also have to be able to reproduce it in order to have any hope of fixing an issue.  The chances on the boxes are listed for iOS and we have asked the development team to do the same for Android.  They are random and when we pull data over that time period we find the numbers are close to the published chances.  As for the videos, there are things we continue to do to try and make that experience better.  Sometimes it is the videos themselves which we have little control over.  Essentially we can ask the provide to stop a specific video if we think it is causing issues but by the time we identify it the supply of that specific video is often exhausted anyway.  It is certainly not on purpose.
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