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Ive been playing this game for two years spent a ton of money. I dont mind spending money because the game is very entertaining to me. I play probably 5 hours a day most days. I don't think everyone should be a Vip but it's frustrating for me because in my club we have like 6 vips and my team is better than 4 of them. I put up hundreds of million points. Spend a ton of money and all I can get is computer generated responses when I asked specifically about becoming a vip. Can someone give a straight answer to what I got to do. I love the game and will continue to play but something has to give. Its been two years of tapping away.


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    I don't think its exactly black and white.  I can tell you what worked for me and a couple others I know.  As soon as you hit the last impossible achievement for gold purchased, it automatically showed the VIP Lounge.  Yes that's a lot of money but if you wait for the mountain deal popups it helps.

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    Ive put more than 1k$ and nothing.. i put 100Mill too in weekend event . Active in alll event .. nothing too
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    If you determine the criteria let me know!
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