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As I was playing Walk Off-Hero. my game just reloads on its own and I'm somehow logged out of my account. I reopen the game and click on the FACEBOOK option to reload my account as I always do. and it somehow backed up the newly created account by MLB on my facebook. which means I couldn't access my account anymore. my question is. clearly it's a mistake on your end. and it needs to be resolved asap because I put in alot of effort and money into that account. I have screen shots of my in app purchases and all the info needed to provide. I also got an email to provide to back up my account into it. so please get back to me and lets solve this issue. much appreciated. thanks


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    Accounts aren't lost on the database side.  Just follow the account recovery steps in our FAQ and we will get you back on the correct account.
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     not let me connect with my friends even if I'm connected on Facebook
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