Tap sports 19 , Great game but ,some modes are glitchy..

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I wanted to say great game but needs to improve on a couple of things for instance woh I’m on level 4 round 10 I save my second chance video , just so I won’t have to pay for that second chance , but I try to play the video but it won’t load for the life of me , any other way I pay the gold and what do you know , it magically loads right away because how can I not pay that second chance I’m already played 3 levels on my fourth about to get to my fifth and I can’t watch a video for the boost so gold has to be spent , it just feels it happens to me when I’ve spent gold and it knows that I’m gonna spend more just to succeed .. thanks...hope you guys can straighten this out , at least don’t have that watch a video option on level 4 or anywhere if you can’t watch a video anyways ...


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    This happens to me pretty often. It can be frustrating. It happens to me a lot in the club versus club. 
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    I understand the frustration, that has happened to me several times. 

    Glu has been been working on it and it has gotten much better. I don’t know if you have noticed but before you couldn’t close out of the “Video Loading Screen” so you were forced to close the game. In the recent weeks that has been addressed to at least relieve some frustration. 

    There is a certain amount of available memory and bandwidth that must be present and as we play the game and watch videos both are compromised. One thing that seems to help me is in the middle of the round I close out the game, make sure all my other apps are closed and notifications are cleared. I sometimes even restart my phone. 

    Once I relaunch the app, I rarely have that problem any longer. I hope this may be some help to you. 
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  • osie856osie856 Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    Ya I know I still love the game and they have reached out to me well In regards to that issue . So all is good.
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