woh script. what's your opinion?

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i asked glu if there are predetermined situations in which the user is designed to lose on woh. Of course they told me no, but here is my response. Let them know how close i'm hitting on this.
There are certain situations in which you you win or lose. I'll start with the win. when you hit a foul ball with a runner on 3rd, and after it says foul ball it says runner scores from 3rd. on the next pitch, you can swing at any time and it's a base hit scoring the runner on 3rd.
here's one for the losing side. when you get the score within 1 run on consecutive base hits, then the next 3 balls that are contacted; contact to the opposite field (same as all previous hits), all three contacts go back to the pitcher.
here's one that lets you know if you are going to win or lose. runners on the corners with a right hand batter vs a left hand pitcher. pitch is hit to the opposite field corner for a double. if the runner from 1st base scores, the following pitches are fastballs. if the runners from 1st does not score and it leaves runners on 2nd and 3rd, the following pitches occur depending on the outs remaining.
3 outs remaining: 3 cutters, 3 sliders, 3 cutters.
2 outs remaining: 3 sliders, 3 cutters.
1 out remaining: 3 sliders.
the cutters all result in pop flys, and the sliders cannot be contacted by the hitter.
it's a script, which means it's predetermined.


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    @largemonkey ,  I have felt that way myself.. gave up trying to figure out the avenues that led to wins or losses. There is definitely s pattern..  
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