2x Gold Videos Gone?

GGW4MikeGGW4Mike 41 PostsRegistered Users, Member
Here recently we've only had 2x on Offers. Is GLU doing away with the 2x Videos? I sure hope not as I've seen lots of people say they will quit. Bring them back!


  • gruf707gruf707 4 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Honestly it’s a joke we haven’t had them, not everyone can keep up spending $100 a week
  • wicked75wicked75 15 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    From what I was told by cs that it was only offers now. I tried a few offers and what I noticed was I never got my gold and they sold my email address. I get over 30 spam emails per day since I tried those 3 offers! It's all a joke with this game. Every offer you either have to pay for a subscription or get to level 30+ in a different game and when you don't receive your gold, GLU says it's on that company not them. This game is a cash grab, the boxes they sell have odds Vegas would love!! Spend 1000 gold and get a 3 star player??? Game is beyond a RIP off...
  • noahbentley07noahbentley07 3 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I really miss the 2x gold videos but hopefully they’ll bring them back every now and then.
  • ZooTeD420ZooTeD420 3 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Heard it’s the third party who’s not releasing them anymore. 
  • Lowlife22Lowlife22 54 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I saw them a few weeks back- I don’t know if it’s just a random thing or if they quit altogether
  • dan_bravesdan_braves 4 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    ik this ins' the right thread but I can't get a response. Do you know how to change or upgrade your stadium?
  • ELTnubELTnub 4 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Is it worth it to invest in the stadium that gives gold?  
  • WheelsOfSteelWheelsOfSteel 34 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    ELTnub said:
    Is it worth it to invest in the stadium that gives gold?  
    Seems well worth it to me.
  • GGW4MikeGGW4Mike 41 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    They are back!! Thank you GLU
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