teamjoemteamjoem Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
 Completed all stars level 9 ...a week ago...When will they give me VIP I want level 10 rewards any info would help thanks


  • wicked75wicked75 Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    I am in the same boat.. I had reached level 9 and I am not VIP.. I participate in the forums somewhat, like glu on Twitter and Facebook and play the game consistantly.. I contacted customer service and more or less I got the run around. From what I am reading I do believe you have be be at level 10 on all stars, be active in game and forums.. I was told by a customer service rep that after level 9 I would receive VIP but that is not true so I guess you have to spend more and get to level 10 to be on the radar for a VIP promotion..
  • teamjoemteamjoem Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    Everyone in my club says they hit 9 and got a day or two later 
  • IOWAREDBIRDS39IOWAREDBIRDS39 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    I to have been waiting to be VIP I've done everything people have told me but nothing. I didn't even get the rewards for going to level 10.
  • jojabulldawgjojabulldawg Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    I messaged some guy named "dkarski87" and shortly after I finally earned my VIP badge! Finally 😁
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