VIP status! Please help me!

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Someone please help!! I was vip at the end of 2017 for almost 2 months!! Yay! It never carried over to 2018! I’ve messaged support aboit this over 100 times over the last 2 years and they won’t do anything about it!! I recently last week hit level 10 all star!! Even though I’ve spent between $3000-$5000 total on this game since the start of 2017! Most of that money was spent in 2017 until I got my vip badge and after having my badge for the remainder of 2017!! Once it didn’t carry over and support wouldn’t do anything about it I quit spending so much!! Does anyone have any idea on what i can do to get them to reinstate my VIP status??!! I feel like they have totally screwed me over on this!!! I’m truly upset! I really enjoy playing this game and I want nothing more than to be the VIP I should have been since I received the status in 2017!! I play this game every single day and have done so since the start of 2017!! I’m a daily top contributor in my club!!!! I play all events! The ones I don’t play too much are the club vs club events! I would be a much higher ranked player if I still had my vip because I would be spending more money and the monthly gifts would help me tremendously to level up my players and keep me competitive enough to play with the big boys on the daily!! If anyone has any ideas on what to do please help me!!! I’ve tried messaging them over and over and they refuse to help me, they mostly say they have no control over it, that it’s a special team who does the vip!! If that’s the case and anyone who is part of that team sees this will you please reach out to me or look into my account to make me vip plesde!! Also I’ve never once cheated or loaded gold on any version of this game and I’ve never had a problem with my account except for them taking my vip away for no reason!! Please help me!!!


  • HotRod14HotRod14 Registered Users, Member 42 Posts
    Glu is the only one that can fix it. But if you stopped playing on one of the versions like didn’t ever carry over from the last version you were vip I don’t think you can get it back without starting over. 
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