I miss playing!!!

linelavinlinelavin Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
So, a month-ish ago I reached #1 for the first time and I choose the Fashion Icon-comeback. Immediately after doing so, I don’t get tasks anymore. None from Simon nor Maria, even when I go to their offices. I’ve already tried the ‘go to all locations and see if someone is waiting’-solution and there is nothing.
I am starting to get really upset, since I have used sooo much money on this game.. I did contact customer service but obviously they were no help.
I just updated the game thinking it might help - but no. I also did the ‘delete the game and install it again’ aaand still nothing!



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    RR PhoenixRR Phoenix Registered Users, Moderators, Moderator 159 Posts
    Hey @linelavin! Can you please contact support from within the settings menu of the game so that we have access to your game and device information?
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