Glu will close a game app anytime no warning

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Glu is closing QuizUp, a game that is 8 years old,  has a loyal community, a unique platform,  and could make investors more money than any other game. But they are lazy, not creative, and announced unexpectedly they are closing the app. I recommend all investors to get your stocks out and invest in a better company with ethics, that care about their customers.  We have a petition with over 1,000 signatures,  we will make sure EVERYONE KNOWS exactly how you run your company and see that people stop playing your other games, unless you reconsider and SAVE QUIZUP.  


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    I agree, GLU is jockin with us
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    Gun Bros, Eternity Warriors, Men VS Machines, Star Blitz, Contract Killer, Frontline Commando, Super KO Boxing, Big Time Gangsta, Samurai VS Zombies and I could go on.

    Glu has been killing off most of their franchises ever since Niccolo de Masi was enlisted as CEO.in 2010. Despite the fact his slogan was creating communities, he literally killed off more than he ever created in his life, ESPECIALLY with the GameSpy shutdown that Glu is responsible for. They really are one of the laziest, most uncreative companies ever now. I used to respect them for all the free-to-play fun times we had in the 2010s with their fun and creative titles, but honestly, I can't help but laugh at them now.

    Welcome to the club guys, it's all downhill from here. As a veteran Gun Bros fan, I can safely say without remorse : **** them.
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    Just done it to KKH...
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