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Hello, i don't think Glu will do this, but it would be amazing that he can bring back the game at least the singleplayer version to Android and iOS.
I was 8, the year is 2014 and found out about this incredible game called "Indestructible" Whenever i was in 2nd and 3rd grade i got so obssesed with Indestructible playing it for hours in my iPad. Mid 2016 i completely forgot about the game and didn't heard anything about it until 2019, and i got so sad that multiplayer discontinued in April 2017. In 2018 my little brother blocked my iPad doing it useless to start it, it wasn't in 2021 when I unlocked the iPad with iTunes in my PC, and found out about that amazing game "Indestructible" once again and played it for like 1 hour.
I now passed to 11th grade this year 2023, I don't know anything about coding but i know a bit about modeling, it would be cool if we, as community (if we're still alive) to make a game just like this one, I don't know what you guys think, but it would be cool. Thank you.
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