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Am I the only one who absolutely HATE this girl? What an annoying little brat! Everytime I talk to her I wanna scream with all that conversation about boys. She sounds almost desperate to me. And PLEASE I just can´t stand everytime she says things like "Oh I´m Angelo´s muse". Girl, please you have no sense of fashion AT ALL. Your clothes are horrible, your hair is horrible and only Glu developers could imagine that somebody with that lack of fashion sense could be a model. Oh and dear God, WHY in this world am I supposed to help her find a boyfriend? I can´t even find a nice boyfriend for me but I have to help her find a guy just because I´m a good friend? No Glu, I don´t want to be a good friend for Emily because she´s annoying and I wish I could have the option to make her just shut up and stop texting me. Ok, now I feel relieved hahaha! Please somebody tell me I´m not the only one who hates her.


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    Well I don't hate her but I find her kinda annoying too. I mean, I want to be a model and this girl with no fashion sense (I agree with you on that point) comes and takes my place... And I have to act happy for her or I sound like a egoistic monster, lol. Oh and the fact that she keeps whining to me about Aubrey is the worst. I mean, grow some ***** girl! So yeah I definitely don't consider her as my BFF, oh hell nah.
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    I really thought I was the only one. When I saw the snaps of the game, I thought "Oh, we get a built in BFF. Cool," but then I actually played the game, and within the first few hours, I was plotting her immediate murder.
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    I had no problem with her until she let her insecurities and jealousy ruin our friendship. Now I wish Perry was my only friend.
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    when she insulted Aubrey the first time we meet her, I was like cool, this is a street tough girl!, but now? I'm having to go around the world to find her a bf and she doesn't really do much of anything else. c'mon glu, give her some depth.
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    It was fine until i became Agelo's new muse. She let her jealousy in and couldn't stop whinning about how she suggested me to angelo when we actually got her in anelo's show at the first place. She was angelo's muse for a few months so what? If it's not me then someone else will replace her eventually. She is his muse, not his wife lol

    But I actually like her face, i tried different eyes, lips but couldn't make face like her
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    I’m kind of ****** with Emily too tbh, only because she got mad at me for Angelo choosing me over her, and the fact she bitched about Aubrey yet ended up dumping our friendship over her.but I was wondering if she ever gets over it and decides to become friends again, because so far we haven’t spoke and I’m already to the story of where I’m throwing a party to save Jackson hole. And she’s liking my post. So I’m confused. 
  • MissMadness145MissMadness145 Registered Users, Member 120 Posts
    Okay so I figured out there is a storyline called ‘battle of the stars’ where Emily forgives you yet idk when you get to it cause right now I’m at the ‘save Jackson hole’ story. Not sure if I skipped that story or it’s coming up, any help? 
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