Layering Clothing.

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Honestly, so far, my only major issue with this game is the terrible ability to layer outfits. How is it that we are not able to layer shorts over leggings? That is really ridiculous considering how common it is for people to do it.

I also would love it if developers made it so that we could choose between which arms to add accessories. It could work as simple as adding an option for left, right, or both for bracelets.

On another note, whats with the permanent hair dye colours? It would be better if we could have a variety of different options of dye patterns with a variety of different dye colours. I don't really like how all the hairstyles come with a set colour. I basically means that if we want a hair-dye colour we are stuck with limited options that usually don't work. They could easily turn it into something like the makeup section. A tab for hairstyles, a tab for dye patterns, 1 to 3 tabs for colours options so that we can have multiple dye colours. They could even sell the second and third dye tabs for extra K-Gems like the nails were done.

Seems like they really limit our options which must hurt their overall profitability. I mean, I am personally more motivated to spend money if my money will go to items that can be used in more than just one way.

What do you ladies and gents think?


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    Oh I completely agree with you on that. In both K&K and KKH, you should be able to layer what you want. For example being able to layer hair and hat and being able to layer shirt and coat. There are some great hair and jackets, but they drew them with ugly hats/shirts that you are forced to wear. Just make each item by itself.

    And anyways, this is better for Glu because more separate items = more money they could be getting!
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    Both of these are possible in Britney's game(I'm not sure about layering leggings, bit you can wear jackets), so its not impossible for them to do.
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    I totally agree. I'd love to further customize my looks. Jackets should go on after the dress or shirt, just like real life. And let us take the hats off. We'd have more lovely hair. (have to admit, I got into the game for the Kkh clothes, but now, the games are just taking on their own little lives. Now I have to keep them playing. Shrug. Glu knows how to make a good game. :) )
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