Need an unstoppable krew

BribabyBribaby Registered Users 17 Posts
I post forums looking for new krew members and it seems like it's gunna work out but then no one plays anymore a couple days later. When krew party events first started our krew was unstoppable but now we barely ever get second place. There's a handful of EXTREMELY dedicated players in our krew. I need an unstoppable krew. People who are gunna pull their weight and make sure we come in first place! So PLEASE if you want to form an UNSTOPPABLE krew PLEASE join #DOPEST and let's pull ourselves to first place! My name is Briana and again the krew name is #DOPEST


  • KrueKrue Registered Users 4 Posts
    You Should join "True Krue" we are really active. We are trying to win every krew event so please join.
  • BlueTriggerBlueTrigger Registered Users 16 Posts
    TheCopperClub is super active and we even have our own forum!
  • amandaferbeyamandaferbey Registered Users 10 Posts
    Dazzling divas needs new members
  • amandaferbeyamandaferbey Registered Users 10 Posts
    We are very active
  • MiliraMilira Registered Users 15 Posts
    Are you currently winning your krew goals? I'll join and I'm super active!
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