Help!! Game restarted at old saved data

OouulalaOouulala Registered Users 53 Posts
Hey guys!!

Does anyone have any help or suggestions for the game reset glitch? ?

I have already opened a ticket with glu inside the game... patiently waiting on a reply.

Ive spent a lot of money on this game throughout the year and it does not interest me at all to start all over without al the clothes ive won and purchased.

This is honestly the worst glitch ever. I am so tempted to contact my attorneys.

If there is no possible fix, i will not be playing glu games any longer. Not even Nicki Minaj the empire!! πŸ˜―πŸ˜£πŸ™πŸ˜’

Thanks in advance for any help


  • dj7991dj7991 Registered Users 30 Posts
    At the moment they haven't fixed it many other players have the same issue
  • MyraDeanMyraDean Registered Users 1 Posts
    Happened to me too. ��
  • MinjiMinji Registered Users 283 Posts
    This is a reeealllyyy old glitch they still haven't fixed. I call it 'going back in time glitch' the only possible solution for me was to start over again because it kept happening.
  • gellianndgelliannd Registered Users 16 Posts
    I experienced it too, I lost all my progress. I contacted glu about this but I haven't heard from them up until now. So disappointing.
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