Lost my progress on events, giftboxes, krew and more...

dudesbeckerdudesbecker Registered Users 10 Posts
Just to start i wanna just say congrats to GLU for make me lose my account, my progress on krewgoals, make me lose my game, i'm so happy, know? i f*** lose everything i had, ALL MY EVENTS CLOTHES, and christmas event, and i'll lose the new year event, thank you for fk it at all.

I never used hack, and ill never use, this new v2.6.0 fk my game, now i was enter on my account and a message appear saying "Save data was unable to be loaded from the server", i had just uninstall and this appear, are you kidding me glu?

I lose my kgems, i was passed logan prescott, yet, thank you for made this : )
(I have all the screenshots)


  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,089 Posts
    I'm sorry this happened. Is the ticket still open? Can you reply to the ticket and ask what you should do now? Unless they've said you have no recourse, I would just pursue it with them. Again sorry this happened. If you're just letting off steam about the outcome, I do feel your pain.
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  • ChibbyChibby Registered Users 13 Posts
    Same here I lost my account as well...
  • Katie_ykKatie_yk Registered Users 39 Posts
    Same here. Three levels, 45 million followers, almost all event/bought items gone. Glu support said it couldn't be retrieved, I replied back and they gave "a one time 100 free energy" yet I only received 22... and after sharing that, I got a reply that while polite, also mentioned that "it's not a live chat system". Three messages total regarding a bug... I know it's the holidays but this is incredibly frustrating.
  • Chelsea.Chelsea. Registered Users 526 Posts
    Same thing happened with my game I lost 3 levels, my event clothes, krew clothes and items I paid for. They keep telling they don't see anything wrong my game even though I post screenshots . Very annoying and frustrating beyond belief.
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  • ElissaElissa Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 7 Posts
    Someone tell me what is this?? this game started to annoys me :mad: and why im always losing followers whyyy!!! i was 27.6M now im 24.2M and no giftbox / no krew / no krew event! pleaese respond me...

  • ElissaElissa Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 7 Posts
    Please someone resolve this problem im waiting your reply!!
  • candiraynecandirayne Registered Users 8 Posts
    same with me gift boxes arent able to be claimed button is missing and the krew button is missing as well FIX game and give compensation this is so tragic to not reply i have sent 4 mails to you already 2 through the game now 2 messages here and one i sent via email get on the ball and fix the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bayleaf9Bayleaf9 Registered Users 9 Posts
    I think its useless. I too have sent multiple help requests and they've only replied once and that was when they were telling me that I had been hacking and cheating to get currency even though I haven't cheated or hacked. I haven't heard from them since then even after I sent screenshots of my receipts proving I purchased currency. They don't seem to be replying to anyone.
  • Katie_ykKatie_yk Registered Users 39 Posts
    Glu support finally replied... they attempted to give another free 100 energy. This time, I clicked the energy and it gave me zero!
    ZERO!! HOW is this support? They try to fix a major glitch by covering it up with free energy and they don't even get the free energy correct. They also closed the ticket so I had to send yet another.

    Dodgy service.
    Dodgy support.

    NEVER going to pay for anything on this game. It's not worth a cent if it can't even save correctly.
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