Looking for an active krew!!!

Chiaretta980Chiaretta980 New MemberRegistered Users 13 Posts
Hi everbody!
I'm a italian player, my doll's name is Danielle and I'm looking for a active krew. I'm level 29 with 317m followers. I own 8 homes, active daily, always sending kred and active with krew events.
My krew now is inactive and I looking for a new one.


  • porscheaxoporscheaxo New Member Registered Users 4 Posts
    Hi! Would love to have you, just recently kicked an inactive so I have a spot open! Search for us : Activekrewxx I have two more I'm going to kick so if you have any active friends you want to invite feel free too!
  • MomomoMomomo New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Hi my user name is Mokono and I run an active krew with friendly people. Most of us are on every day with the odd exceptions, and most of us are above 50mil followers.

    We would love to have you in our krew I think you would fit right in, please search; ActiveEveryDay

    Hopefully hear from you soon, take care :)
  • KiwiPastelsKiwiPastels New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    My Krew is HippieBabes

    Hope to see some requests!
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