August 9th 2020 - GLITCH

dtaz34dtaz34 Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
iPhone 11 Pro Max 

After this weekends event the “happy birthday Kylie” the game completely went hagwire on me which I’m completely sad about since I have about 175mil followers alot of event clothing and spent money on gems. 
I have my own krew, which is not showing me anymore. But it’s showing me other krews then when I press “join” it says “your already in a krew” oh really??? WHERE?? I made a whole new account on my old phone new Apple ID as well to see if my krew was there and sure enough it was. I was the leader. So what’s going on? Support is no help saying it’s fine on there end. The new account as well was acting up kept freezing at the event screen. 
I cannot see my friends post as well which is odd. Event my friends list when I click people it shows different people not them. Support is no help clueless. 
I’m currently working on Apple to get a refund for all the money I spent since If they can’t fix this game I’m not starting over. 


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    LoiannKKHLoiannKKH Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    I was in a Krew but one day when I opened my game and clicked the chat icon, a pop up appeared which said I can join a Krew from my contacts. I go to my contacts and type in my Krew’s name (I wasn’t the leader) and it said no results. I typed in a different Krew’s name and clicked join but a pop up said I was already in a Krew. So now I’m extremely frustrated! I’ve spoken to other players who said they have the same issue among others. 
    I really hope this game will get the attention it so desperately needs or have it removed from the App Store. I will remove the app from my device and report it to Apple if the issues aren’t fixed immediately 
    iOS Player | KKH Level 29 
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    dtaz34dtaz34 Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    Very weird. 
    When I made a new account on a new Apple ID. I became friends with my account that’s having problems from the Game Center and I could see my post’s then. But when I go on my 175 mil account I can’t see anyone’s post’s nothing. Very weird. 
    I hope they fix this, and hope they address the issue soon. 
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