KKH Game Center changed with iOS v10 - now add in FB



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    Biancas5115Biancas5115 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me on game centre obsessed with Kim Kardashian Hollywood .... Biancas5115
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    gamercookiegamercookie Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi.I am from Turkey.I addicted this game!Looking for some friends!

    Add me==>Kiwanch_Gamer

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    For3ver_YoungFor3ver_Young Registered Users 3 Posts
    Add me? Fo3ver_Young ;^)
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    tinnaatinnaa Registered Users 1 Posts
    Game Center: !+tinna+!
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    KristophersonxKristophersonx Registered Users 18 Posts
    Add and gift me for those of you who are super generous I thank you very much! Any gift helps :) Game Center: kristophersonx
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    KristophersonxKristophersonx Registered Users 18 Posts
    My Game Center is XAnimalLoverX

    Add me! I'm A star and I send gifts . I don't mind sending you gifts just tell
    Me what you want and I'll send it :) you don't have to give me anything
    IN return if you want any tips I'll be happy to help ! :)

    I requested you anything is appreciated :3
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    KNfromtheGumpKNfromtheGump Registered Users 1 Posts
    Need friends ASAP
    GC: KNfromtheGump
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    KristophersonxKristophersonx Registered Users 18 Posts
    Add me on Game Center I had to start all over again :( any gift helps! XXFEARxKRATOSXX
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    susanmariasusanmaria Registered Users 15 Posts
    Add me I'm susanmariea
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    ChristyKayChristyKay Registered Users 73 Posts
    My GC ID is xchristinakay. Any gifts are appreciated!
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    KristophersonxKristophersonx Registered Users 18 Posts
    hey! Add me - contagiousloveee I gift full wardrobes :]

    Requested you! Any gifts help had to start all over :( i am xxfearxkratosxx
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    JaquedeganJaquedegan Registered Users 1 Posts
    GC: jaquedegan
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    RonjawardumRonjawardum Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add ronjawardum ❤️❤️❤️
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    Buodissa_Buodissa_ Registered Users 1 Posts
    Please add me on Game Center. I really need some gifts. Also i can send gifts too. GC: Buodissa_
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    LcperkgirlLcperkgirl Registered Users 12 Posts
    Thanks to everyone who has sent me gifts. I truly appreciate it! Is there any way someone could gift me hairs and outfits? Pls and thank you! GC: brainygranger and in game I'm: Lilly
    GC: brainygranger
    I'm Lilly in KKH and KK games.
    My star id in Britney Spears game is: J7D778G4.
    Would love to be friends!
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    ClaireBClaireB Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi - add me my ID is catcalled
    Thanks ��
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    AlanalouisaAlanalouisa Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hey! My Game Center ID is capaldine, add me! :D
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    5hey5hey Registered Users 3 Posts
    I am new to the game, my ID is 5hey, I have an apple device. Anyone that can add me I would really appreciate it! =)
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    DelphineDelphine Registered Users 70 Posts
    Hey, I'm only a few weeks old, but if anyone could add me on GC (Delphine.Z) and gift me if you have some K-Stars or cash to spare, it would be greatly appreciated.

    IGN: Delphine
    Currently level 15 A-lister with about 9 or 10 million fans.
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    Miss maryMiss mary Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hello I am new to the game I need some friends. Can someone please add me. My name is Mary.
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    lespritdescalierlespritdescalier Registered Users 66 Posts
    hello everyone! i've been playing kkh for ... a while now, but i've just joined the forum. i'm looking to add some friends! my gc is: lespritdescalier

    feel free to add me! if you send me gifts, i'll gift back, but i may wait until one of the weekend vip events so i can get goodies for spending my k stars. thanks!
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    onememoryonememory Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hello! I just started playing KKH, so I'm looking for friends to play with! My gc is ak_0410. :)
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    Cspan27Cspan27 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Gc is cassierose27! Add me
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    elizabaeelizabae Registered Users 15 Posts
    hi everyone! i've been playing for awhile but just discovered the forum so add me if you'd like to ^_^

    GC: idkelizabeth
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    NxtTheGeekNxtTheGeek Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hey I just started to play KKH again and I'm new to this forum, I really want to have more friends so add my GC: Natalie.neko :)
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    MadisonLMadisonL Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hi everyone - please add me! My username is madisonleigh01
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    SillyDawlSillyDawl Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me to play kkh @ SillyDawl or thru Game Center!
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    Emer_89Emer_89 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Add me! Emer_89
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    echocat13echocat13 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Please add me on game center - echocat13
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    Liz.Dah07Liz.Dah07 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me...
    Gc: Liz.Dah07
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