My contacts are missing

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I added friends to my KKH (android so added through Facebook and its linked). I see on FB the requests that so and so sent me a gift but I never get the gift and I cannot gift anyone anything Also when I goto do a task and click for help it pulls up my empty friends list when I have people sending me gifts and I've added them on Facebook as fellow KKH gamers. It doesn't make any sence to me why my friends and gifts are missing and why I cannot gift my friends or get help from them.
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    A lot of players are experiencing connection issues with facebook friends currently, which is annoying! I'm starting to think there is a connectivity bug with it in the game. I would advise contacting the team via their Support Page. When contacting the team please state your game, the device you are playing and the issue clearly and detailed so the team can fully understand the issue :)
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