New Guy Giving Out Gifts



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    Michelle2786Michelle2786 Registered Users 6 Posts
    Add me on Game Center


    Send gifts..and I will send back :)
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    GigglesGiggles Registered Users 6 Posts
    U rock! I have almost everything in the closet because of you! thank u thank u thank u ! :)
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    Wailana94Wailana94 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Aloha, just added you. I just started the game so feel free to pick my gift. Thanks!
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    Tony DiamondTony Diamond Registered Users 36 Posts
    Sorry everyone! Been very busy this last couple of days.
    Tomorrow I'll start gifting everyone again.

    Thanks for your patience :)
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    Jasy2485Jasy2485 Registered Users 26 Posts
    Heyy I know you've done soo much for me n I really really appreciate it but can u pretty plzz with a cherry on top send me the big brown hobo bag with the locks on it it's 75 k stars n it's next to the black shades plzzzz..
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    Babiiv336Babiiv336 Registered Users 26 Posts
    Just sent you a friend request :) GC: babiiv336
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    Juicymami7Juicymami7 Registered Users 45 Posts
    Hi! My name is Lacey Kisscakes, I would appreciate anything from the accessories or clothing, I pay it forward. : ) thanks
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    zul97zul97 Registered Users 1 Posts
    hey there, my gc username is zolpp, it would be much appreciated if i got those 40star black shoes to the left of the timberland lookalikes, the 45 stars kim k denim jeans, the level 10 coat worth 60 stars and the 30star red plaid shirt
    :~) i'm not too sure if you can gift hairstyles but the slicked hair to the back worth 30 stars would be great too haha, hope this wasn't too much to ask for! thanks heaps in advance if you do get this
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    Newnick9Newnick9 Registered Users 12 Posts
    Hi! I just wondered if your name is *M-power* or just M-power anyways I send you a friend request my nickname is newnick9 (: oh and I don't know if you have stars but the blue and black long dress that shows the leg and costs 40 stars would be nice(: if it's no trouble of course and maybe a nice pair of shoes and accessories
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    MsLovelyMsLovely Registered Users 11 Posts
    Hi, I don't know how much you want to spend, but I would be very happy if I could get the black Kardashian shoes, some gold big bracelets, the white swimmingsuit, the blue dress with a ribbon 👗 or the black jumpsuit with a blazer... actually, I'll be satisfied with everything, because it all look so great! ☺️ I will add you one GC! VMW. 👸
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    JackieblueJackieblue Registered Users 1 Posts
    I do not have many friends yet , in fact only one!

    Jackieblue I would appreciate any gifts you send:-) I never seem to be able to get enough stars to really get anything good
    New member a/ today! XD
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    Babiiv336Babiiv336 Registered Users 26 Posts
    Hello :) I just sent you a friend request my GC: babiiv336
    Anything is very much appreciated! :)
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    Mskeke1rarebreedMskeke1rarebreed Registered Users 2 Posts
    Anything appreciated
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    SyreniteeSyrenitee Registered Users 4 Posts
    Hi Syrenitee here, any gifts would be appreciated.
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    Bubblegum622Bubblegum622 Registered Users 14 Posts
    Can I have the blue dress that has branches as a design and can I have the dress that has a horizontal cut the dress thats in between the 45 and 120 stars dresses.. Or if you want other things can you just send me 2 dresses?? Im in short of money and stars but ill return the favor once i got some money and stars... My gc is rabbitpimentel22... Thanks you... Btw youre the best :)
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    ShowellslivingShowellsliving Registered Users 6 Posts
    I would love any gifts! My GC is St3phanie!
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    loving20loving20 Registered Users 21 Posts
    Hi, I just sent you a friend request
    my username is BessieC, anything appreciated
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    Shoegal212Shoegal212 Registered Users 28 Posts
    Hi My GC name is shoegal212 i love anykind of gifts :) i love surprises ! Thanks !
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    DeiisydiamondDeiisydiamond Registered Users 17 Posts
    Hey thank you for sending us gift I would love to get some too if it's still possible :D
    I would love these
    - The long black dress that has a gold belt (120 stars)
    - the beige dress with black decoration (2500 $)
    - the long dark blue dress (45 stars)
    - the white top K (45 stars)
    - the black and red dress (45 stars)
    - white dress with gold belt (75 stars)
    - the white swimsuit with cardigan (45 stars)
    - the ripped off blue jeans (30 stars)
    - the black leather pants K (20 stars)
    - the leopard pants ( 8000 $)
    - the brown leather heels ( 50 stars)
    - the black bow heels (2750 $)
    - black sandals heels (40 stars)
    - the brown K bag (75 star)
    - black bag (45 star)
    - gold earings (100 star)
    - earings blue (1250 $)
    - gold ring KK (45 star)
    - diamond studs (75 star)

    u can choose anything u want to send if its too much :) thank you so much !! <3
    add me: Deiisydiamond
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    HoneybrwnHoneybrwn Registered Users 26 Posts
    Hi. Game Center name: Honeybrwn

    Add me.
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    01clover7701clover77 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 6 Posts
    Hey thanks for the invite. Im 01clover77. Would love any of the multi pieced outfits, bathing suits, shoes, or leggings. I want it all.....haha winkwink
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    TEXASJASMINTEXASJASMIN Registered Users 4 Posts
    Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated. :). Thank You
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    Quay87Quay87 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Any gifts would be nice my gcname is quay87 thnks n advance
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    ellgeeellgee Registered Users 1 Posts
    im late to the party but please could i have gifts?! anything you can send would be greatly appeciated! 😃 username: ellgee
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    LabelqueenLabelqueen Registered Users 10 Posts
    Hi thanks. I wish I was better on this game keep running out of stars and energy. I added you. Anything you choose would be great.
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    DollfacexxDollfacexx Registered Users 208 Posts
    Starting new game/need gifts
    Hi! I can't seem to get any new quest. I'm on level 22 and the last quest I got was for punta mita. I haven't got any Paris or London ones. I only get gig calls from simon. Well I have everything in the game. All the clothes, shoes and accessories. I really don't want to start over but I'm getting bored. Is there anyone who would be ever so kind to send me gifts if I start over?

    GC. Mareahh 86
    GC: Mareahh 86
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    DonnnamalDonnnamal Registered Users 18 Posts
    Hi! My gamecenter name is Donnnamal and i will add you on Gamecenter, But can i have the Dirk Diamonds hair and clothes please? Thank you so much :)
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    Chunkiet58Chunkiet58 Registered Users 12 Posts
    Hey add me on Chunkiet58 get me any thing sexy Ty in advance
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    KLC62511KLC62511 Registered Users 2 Posts
    I would love anything
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    Kiki11 36Kiki11 36 Registered Users 10 Posts
    Hello my GC is kiki11 36 add me if u could send me anything from level 10 and above I would gladly appreciate it please And if u want anything in return just tell me :) thank u
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