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    Hi Sharkbox, I've been doing photoshoots and things with you, I believe I tried to gift you a little something but if you had everything I couldn't. Sometimes my screen freezes when a gift comes in, if you sent me things and I didn't say thanks, I do apologize. But it's fun 'playing with you'. I wish there was a better messaging system for people who gift you things. Nice meeting you.
    Hey I awee thanks for playing with me, yes I have everything in the shop that I know of, but thank you for trying to gift me! I did gift you some, you were the first to add me actually.
  • SharkboxSharkbox Registered Users 5 Posts
    YOU GUYS IM REALLY SORRY I STOPPED REPLYING IVE BEEN REALLY BUSY AND HAD HEALTH ISSUES. This thread is stil open, I am still gifting but I have taken a looooooooooooooooong hiatus from kkh (I'm probably a friggin c lister by now and my wife probably has murdered me lol) but I plan to get back on soon to rise back up and update myself, and when I'm done with that I'll continue choosing random players and tbh I will also be choosing actual friends who take the time to try and be a friend. That said, if you have further questions add me on Facebook and pm me c: just lemme know you're from kkh. Facebook.com/Omegalomaniak (Alyxandra Castro) in not on glu forums much, so any questions about anything including Game Center go ahead and message me (you don't have to add me if you don't want) I love helping people out.
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