Deleted friends on GC...KKH list still shows them

ponylatteponylatte Registered Users 170 Posts
Guys...I have been working my butt off tryna get to nr 1 and I was about to beat my friend on GC (that I once deleted to get to the top but then re-added cause she was still in my KKH!).
Today, I get a friend request from someone and like a fool, I accept and she has way more fans than I could get any time soon!!! :mad: Soooo mad! She is now nr 1.
I deleted her on GC and now I won't add her back. Do you think her status won't update on my KKH?? Cause I don't think we will be able to get rid of them on our lists...
Pls help :(:(
Call me Pony ^_^


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    ponylatteponylatte Registered Users 170 Posts
    Ok, today the friend is gone from my list!!!!!! So happy. Willow is 2nd place while I'm third now...I hate her. <_<
    Call me Pony ^_^
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