I can't get remarried and my Valenties day Quest Gone

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Ok so I'my trying to get remarried.. I broke up with my husband then took him back he proposed and now I can't get him to propose again. What do I do?? Also I just updated my game. I was doing the Valentines quest to get 400 hundred hearts after getting to like 150 the challenge disappeared. What do I do?


  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Just continue dating he should propose again eventually. But then saying that I don't think you can marry the same person twice :/ You couldn't in Stardom: Hollywood anyway. As for the disappearance of the Valentine's Day goal is it the megaphone that has vanished or the actual goal it's self?

    if it's the actual goal has vanished from your goal panel you could try closing down the game completely and then relaunch it, hopefully that will refresh it & bring it back.
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    just keep dating, the hearts will continue to increase till the time is done. Earlier in the thread, I think Samurai showed the heart meter, it may have disappeared off the "Announcement" on the right, but it should be there with all your progress in the Goals tab bottom right. And look at your contact list, if the husband character has a ring next to his name by the relationship points, you're still engaged/married.
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