Apple Watch and KKH notifications

Kupkakez_Kupkakez_ Registered Users 310 Posts
Hey guys! With the apple watch set to go on presale Friday do we know if game notifications will be pushed to the watch!? I plan on getting a watch anyhow but I thought it would be super awesome if the notifications would show up on the watch like hey you have 2 hours left on this event or even notifications when your daily box is ready or when a weekend event starts! :)


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    NoonaluvfoodNoonaluvfood Registered Users 1,252 Posts
    Hi Kupkakez!
    That sounds like it would be really cool if, it could do that.
    I have heard of the new apple watch but don't know much about it..
    But again, if that is possible then it would be a nice feature. Please be sure to share if it can do that, once you get it.:)
    Sometimes you just have to roll with it.:cool:
    Feel free to PM :)

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    kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,114 Posts
    Oh, I hadn't thought of that. That is awesome use of the technology. Please let us know after you get it.
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    Kupkakez_Kupkakez_ Registered Users 310 Posts
    Will do!! They come out April 24th so I'm hoping mine will be delivered before I go on vacation! I know it has the ability to have app notifications pushed to the watch but I'm not 100% sure if the app developer has to enable that or it'll be automatic. It would be awesome if GLU could add some additional functionality to the watch! Like I really need to be MORE addicted to this game! ☺️Heh heh
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    LuzVariasLuzVarias Registered Users 2,707 Posts
    So will people be buying a data package for a watch, then? Or will they simply pick signal up from WiFi like an iPod Touch? They'd seem to be of limited utility without continuous signal, but that's one more device to pay for on a monthly basis! Very interesting.

    If you don't mind and can remember to give a review of the watch here, Kupkakez_, that'd be really cool. Maybe under "Appropos of Nuthin" or something.
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    Kupkakez_Kupkakez_ Registered Users 310 Posts
    It's going to be connected to your iPhone. So it'll use wifi/cellular data whatever your phone is connected to.

    I'll definitely get a review out. I'll especially try it out with KKH and post pics.
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