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Ok so idk how many of you have heard of this but basically a ton of YouTubers are teaming up to see who can get to the highest ranking on the Kim k game in just one week. image_zpsxjodilue.jpg
I am personally rooting for LDShadowLady and she would love it if I could assemble a bunch of tips for her. image_zpsgbxbrpma.jpg

So please comment down below some tips and tricks that would help someone new to the game.. Oh and tell me who you are rooting for!
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    Party, party, party! Never be afraid to do house parties.
    Guard your k stars and you money with your life!
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    It depends if she wants to spend money or not if she doesn't mind then she should buy the private jet, Miami house and car straight away and just party like Mauve says. Tap around for energy. If not spending money then do the gigs and try to save up for property for parties. Helps to have GC/ Google+ friends in the game because the exp you get from talking to them helps you level up so much in the beginning which refills your energy and unlocks new locations to tap energy. Probably avoid dating except when told to in tasks because it doesn't help your fan base that much.

    Actually I guess you have to follow some of the quests and not just party cos they allow you to unlock locations in the beginning such as Lif.
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    trevoractortrevoractor Registered Users 1,114 Posts
    Oh in case any of you were wondering, Farah Dhukai won.
    I know most of you don't watch youtubers or gamers but yea. All the competitors are internet famous and got kkh a lot of publicity.
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    DMV_DollDMV_Doll Registered Users 1,470 Posts
    Cool, thanks for posting this Trev.

    I would have never known bcuz I don't have a FB page and not familiar with YouTubers.
    I don't make the rules... I just follow them most of the time 😉

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