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Well, I noticed that Toronto is the only place in the airport that we don't have on the game yet. We have San Francisco with the latest update, so... Maybe Toronto will be the next one?



  • ChanrinChanrin Registered Users 516 Posts
    Darn you're sharp! Never really paid attention to hat board! Hope It's true I LOVE Canada!
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  • twofangstwofangs Registered Users 75 Posts
    Oh wow!!

    That would be so awesome...:D
    (says the girl that lives in T-Dot)
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  • wolfandbutlerwolfandbutler Registered Users 325 Posts
    I always thought Armenia would be the next update... then again I've been thinking this since before Milan lol! Nice pick up.
  • BabySimmo93BabySimmo93 Registered Users 124 Posts
    yeah i noticed that a fair while back, hopefully be a cool addition
    C'mon you Hull :mad:
  • TaddyXCTaddyXC Registered Users 47 Posts
    As a Canadian I would loooooves that!
  • Bee7Bee7 Registered Users 88 Posts
    As a Canadian I have always wondered this!
    The Kardashians do appearances and work in Canada sometimes, so why not? :)
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  • ZepengZepeng Registered Users 53 Posts
    OMG... I'd looooooove this!

    I assume that if this does true, the CN Tower and Rogers Centre (aka Skydome) will be the background???

    SO excited!
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