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So, I'm finally reaching #1 on my first comeback, and it was slow as all hell. Still 10mil fans away from the #1 spot, but parties are helping.

To be quite honest, though, my first comeback sucked simply because it was really ****ing slow. Since the feature got introduced, I started the comeback "Fashion Icon" right away, and it is until now that I seem to be able to reach the #1 spot. So, this thread is mainly aimed at people who have done more than one comeback or who are doing their first comeback but are managing to move fast with it.

Since I'm planning to do my second comeback, I've got a few questions:

-What's your strategy for the comeback feature?
-What's, in your opinion, the best way to move up fast in the ranks?
-Do you think the order you choose for the comebacks affects your gameplay at all?
-Is it worth it at all to have all three comebacks. Yes/no and why?

I deleted all my GC friends because I am planning to do my second comeback, so if I had you added I'm really sorry!


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    Nebula I completed all three comebacks.

    I started with the Fashion Icon followed by Love Guru and then the Money Maker, I took about one month to complete each.

    At the time I still had no real friends I was only competing with NPCs and this facilitated.

    While I was between the E- list and the B- list I just made regular gigs and rising too fast in the list. After getting the A-list the best was give parties a lot of parties of three hours. I don't know how it's now that the parties are more difficult.

    The choice of order doesn't affect anything.

    I think so worth doing, because it's very boring stay without a goal in the game just sitting in the number 1 and because the 3 energy bolts extras make a lot of difference in gameplay and still you get a new outfit and extra k-stars every time you reach certain points on the list!
    Viva La Vida Á La Vats!
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    xXLucyXxxXLucyXx Registered Users 1,077 Posts
    Well it is difficult esp. with the changes to parties etc., there are ways of moving up faster but I tried that for two - three weeks and then stopped because I didn't want to keep overtaking my GC friends when they're trying to do theirs too. I think parties is still the best way though - on my old game I used try to do ten parties most days and did all three comebacks this way, but it still took about a month for each, and it's true the parties are harder to complete with the changes so it will take me longer now! Personally I can't be bothered and I'm happy to be D list right now, but if you want to go for it I think it's worth it for the extra energy max. The special actions don't affect gameplay all that much, just go for your favourite dress I guess! Good luck :)
    GC: { Lucyxx }
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    nebula macaronnebula macaron Registered Users 239 Posts
    I am planning to do "Money Maker" as my second comeback because the past dating event was hard for me since I didn't have enough money for dates, and I already reached max level with my wife so I kinda think the money is the best option.
    Parties are more difficult to complete but I think this may be even more difficult for the people who have not had made a comeback because of the energy bolts. I think it's going to be easier with 6 extra bolts if I do decide to do all comebacks... which I kinda plan to do lmao.

    This is also the reason I had to delete GC friends, sadly. Some of them were too obvious in the sense they had altered games, so the fan gap between me and them was too abysmal and I'd have to reach max fans to top them. I honestly think I'll hold off friends until I complete all three comebacks, because otherwise I won't be able to reach them, ever. I assume that parties don't help much if you're not an A-list, yes?
    I deleted all my GC friends because I am planning to do my second comeback, so if I had you added I'm really sorry!
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