2 Weeks and Still No Response from Glu. Frustrated.

Jd45313Jd45313 Junior MemberRegistered Users 53 Posts
I think it's time I start a new thread and maybe Glu will see it and do something.

I haven't been receiving weekend events since the 4th of July event, my game has no cheats and I've played fairly. I posted in the thread and hey haven't contacted me yet. I have tried the in game help which just crashes and won't let me view responses. I tried via the helpshift website and they haven't replied to that email after more than a week. I've been trying for weeks to get ahold of them through the in game help. I am ubelievably frustrated and disappointed by their service.

Sorry in advance Koko, I know this technically belongs in the Hookah Den. But I'm in desperate need of support so I'm putting it here. Has anyone else been having problems contacting Glu?


  • TwiztidroseTwiztidrose Experienced Member Registered Users 423 Posts
    I'm sorry you're frustrated. I think a lot of ppl are. And yes, there are a lot of ppl waiting for responses also.
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