Unknown character on friends list?

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So I just logged into the game and I first get a connected reward. And I was thinking what, because I didn't add anyone recently.
Okay so then I start a fashion show gig and when I'm adding a co star this shows up
And I have no idea who the heck this is? I just contacted Customer Sservice with a screenshot and description but I'm not sure if they'll be able to fix this. And I'm getting like super concerned now ;(:(:( has anyone else dealt with this?


  • Danielle_ModelsDanielle_Models Banned Banned Users 870 Posts
    Ok so I just log out of Game Center restarted my iPad and opened he Kim k game again then I logged into Game Center and BAM! The unknown character was gone along with some, just SOME other TV friends I deleted previously. Is this the start to something new?
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    I have the same unknown character in my iOS game I thought you was one of my friends turned funky lol
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    Lol :D:D:D
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