I got the same gig.. again.

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I just got a call from Simon saying something about Paul Steele's last photo shoot or something, and Maria telling me not to do it. However, I had already received this goal a few days ago(and completed it). Do I have to do it again?


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    Hi Delphine, can you be a little more specific? You got a cal from Simon saying something, about Paul Steele's last photo shoot or something. What is your current storyline? There was a series of repeated gigs that began last week, but Paul Steele's photo shoot wasn't on the list. I'll check it again. Is this the only repeater? And then Maria says not to do it? is it still on your list of tasks? When is Simon supposed to call you for it? If Maria's call after the gig was over left you with no undone tasks, then I wouldn't worry about it. And I haven't heard anyone else with something like this, so it's hard to diagnose.

    Also, what platform do you play on? What level are you? Does this in any way affect your gameplay? Sorry for all the questions, it's hard to 'see' what's happening in anothers game without more details. ;)
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