ticisssticisss BannedBrazilBanned Users 811 Posts
When we'll have the new update? This Karl update was so small and insignificant... I like the clothes, but this game it's not just about clothes.


  • darinSUEdarinSUE Experienced Member Registered Users 108 Posts
    This one was my first update of the game. I'm so excited about a bigger one!
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  • aurichieaurichie New Member Registered Users 34 Posts
    I'd guess in a week or two we'll get something new.
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  • ticisssticisss Banned BrazilBanned Users 811 Posts
    We used to have new locations, new houses, new vehicles, new guests, a lot of new things, but now it's just clothes and two or three gigs.
  • CharliCharli Senior Member PakistanRegistered Users 1,670 Posts
    Right? This update merely counts as one. It could have been a small upgrade or something. There were no clothing items except the Karl Kollection, that too only for the starlets. New features, storylines, locations.... I hope there's another update next week.
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