How do you show character name vs GC name in friends list?

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Most of my friends are in my friends list as their game name. My new "husband" is showing up as my Game Center name. How can this be changed or updated? If I update through Maria for the name change will that trigger it?
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    Hi. I believe, although I never tried it, that the name Maria can change is the name that you are 'called' by your contacts, in my phone's case "Z" as in Simon saying "Z, It's your manager calling" or an NPC saying "Z, we should hang out soon", or in Ryan's tweets "Z and Bort are adopting a horse" But in the contact list, my name appears as the name on my google account, in that case Kat Kokonut. So, I can have people in the game call her Mabel if I pay Maria, but my friends will still have to tap on Kat Kokonut in the Contact list.

    Same thing with how you appear in the GameCenter list, for iOS games. I have no idea how to change that. You'd probably have to somehow amend your GC ID, and then, we don't know if how you appear in contact lists would change or what. Again, I never changed names, but pretty sure it is just the way you are addressed in the game, not in the contact list that Maria can changed.
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