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Hi there, I'm Bonnie and I'm an A lister on lvl 22. I'm needing some help here. To add friends, I see everyone has a name code. Where do I go to find out what mine is so ppl can add me? FYI, just got married and I didn't get an engagement or wedding ring! I have a engagement ring from a previous ex , do they expect me to use it? Also, when ur told it's between u and someone else for wedding venue and that u can pay like 7000 or whatever for it. You don't have too, I didn't and still got venue. Wedding sucks , your asked if u take him u say I do and it's over. Than, after party, u can't even invite VIPs! Horrible. If someone could help with my game code, u can all add me if you'd like


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    Hi. and Welcome. personally I wouldn't have chosen my email as my forum name but that's me. Do you play on Apple or Android? If you are apple, you will need your Game Center ID so people can add you. If you are Android, you need your Google+ ID or your Google Gamer ID. And if your're Facebook, ...well, I don't know without looking it up. Try reading the opening posts in this thread, and that should help.

    Again welcome and if you want to work something out with your name, send me a pm and I'll try to help you out.
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    HI hun, it's me again. I have tried changing my username on here with edit but it's not working, any suggestions? Also, I've been not playing for awhile as I had gotten sick with Cancer but am in remission now and better. Only thing is.... I've lost all my progress. I'VE HAD TO Start completely over!!! Google play games has my achievements yet still signs me in at the beginning. It's horrible. I HAD GOTTEN. SOON FAR!   I have spoken with glu and they are asking me to forward my receipts for my purchases in play store so I sm reimbursed for those at least but still...all my clothes and businesses. Husband and everything.  I'm trying to play again tho it's just annoying. Lol anyway I just wanted to say hey and see who was still here doll. If u have any suggestionson the username aND why the edit isn't working , please let me know. Add me to your friends list again too hun. Hope all is well. Ttys. 

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