Happy Mother's Day!!

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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!!


Is anyone doing anything special? Did you get anything special? I got roses, a card, an iTunes Gift Card and an ice cream cake!! And we are grilling out with friends. My daughter works at a Dairy Queen here and she made the cake. She does great on them at work but hasn't done any flowers or anything because she's still learning. She did do the flowers on my cake though and I have to say for her first try they turned out very well. I am super happy and I LOVE that she put her love and care in it and did it without help!! Means so much more!! ❤️❤️ 💐💐 She's 15.. I'm biased of course but I think she did great!! What do y'all think?


I gotta say, now my kiddos are 12 & 15 and I don't get the handmade things from s hook anymore! I TOTALLY miss those things. They were always the cutest and most heartfelt things I'd gotten for Mother's Day!! And then everything all together:

What did everyone else get? Did you enjoy your day?
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